Animals often strike us as passionate machines.
Eric Hoffer

•  Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to. – Alfred A. Montapert

Today, whilst discussing with my mother about animals and the way they resource before winter’s eve, I wandered a bit into thought, wondering, what about us? Do we use our common sense and prepare before an impending event appears?
I’ve noticed this all to often, that we don’t. We are procrastinators, nomads who are never prepared to face any obstacle that life hurdles toward our way. We wander aimlessly in the dark, never taking the time to evaluate or wonder. Yet, we blame animals for being so simple-minded. I, owning eight pets, all canines, can say that animals are sometimes better off without us. I live in the southwestern part of the Americas, and where I reside it’s a barren dirt mound, therefore, resources can become very limited here, very quickly. I am of the middle class, and I can’t say we’ve ever needed to succumb to the poorer of regimes.

Still, we need to understand that anything can destroy our quaint way of living in the blink of an eye. I’m still young, but it doesn’t mean I should be any less aware. I know God will provide, for I am rather devout in my beliefs.

But I digress.

I’ve been studying animals for as long as I remember – which would make sense that I’m pursuing a career involving animals, and I’ve seen stranger things, in which animals seem to possess a greater knowledge than us at times. Granted, they cannot decipher or integrate themselves into deep thought, but nevertheless, their social skills within their group is extraordinary. The way that they interact and care for each other is phenomenal.

Meticulously gazing at two of my pets one crisp day this year, I saw how they patrolled the area -since we own 5 acres, and many take an advantage and rob our fowl- so I allowed the others out, and all of sudden, they started to get into an all out brawl. I own toy dogs, and two pitbulls and one rottweiler mix, and the rottweiler has a strong tendency to submit females into her grasp, by then choking them. I was helpless, and didn’t know what to do as she wrung the small dog, when all of a sudden my pitbull ran in and really just saved the day, by making the attempted assassin release her kill.

I was in awe, I’d never seen such selfless bravery. He stood his ground, standing over the seemingly lifeless dog. When he saw me near the scene, he stood to the side as he held onto my rottweiler’s neck, and allowed me to pick up my dog. Thankfully, she survived the horrific two minute attack with only a few open wounds. Unfortunately, my rottweiler got the better of my ignorance and attacked her again two weeks later, breaking her spine. Still, when I went outside to check what had happened, my pitbull had once again saved the day, having my rottweiler pinned to the ground.

Animals have the humanity we lack ourselves, for today’s society has slowly neutralized our way of thought. It’s horrid, and even now, I sometimes brush off the thought that ten people were shot to death, but still something hurts. It means there’s hope.

We may be at the top of the food chain, but we act as if we are the lowest. Animals can outwit us, challenge our intelligence and ultimately, teach us life lessons. I’m not saying they are brighter than us, but sometimes, I think they are.

As one man once said: Animals, in their generation, are wiser than the sons of men; but their wisdom is confined to a few particulars, and lies in a very narrow compass. – Joseph Addsion


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