Do you remember that feeling?

Where your eyes see only the blur of whizzing images pass by.
Where spastic movements beguile the human mind.
Where whispers become screams.
Where tears are the only thing you can express.
Where only you can discern the chaos among the serenity.
Where it all becomes a great haze.
Where you know it is the end of existence.

Do you recall that scene?

Bodies splayed across the surface of concrete,
Where scarlet ichor spills from their souls,
For just below,
Something bubbles beneath the surface of their skin.

Screeches of modern day transportation come to a halt,
Scattered crowds create a cacophony of voices,
Rising above each one that distances itself from your presence,
Where the crackles of ammunition ricocheted off dilapidated walls.

Haunting images now resurface,
And you’re only left to rot in your despair,
For your sullen life does not reveal any light,
But, you hear them whisper a promise,
Just before they lost the fight.

“Worry not, for I am titanium.”

You then knew,
You then realized,
They were right.

I wrote this a few months ago, futilely attempting at writing this way. Well, your thoughts are always encouraged. 


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