#7 The Human Canvas.

This is something that’s always concerned me, as well as throw me into deep thought. It raises many matters, but then again, I’m only but another voice. So, you decide whether you read it or not.

I think I’ll direct myself toward the female audience, because this affects us much more. Since appearances are what many of us worry about nowadays. What angers me, is that they immerse themselves entirely into looks. I’m actually someone who goes sans makeup all the time, but I’m not here to raise arguments regarding that. If I do, then go right ahead. I just prefer a natural look, not because I’m a natural beauty, but because I feel that is what’s intended of me.
The reason I write this is because there’s an epidemic on the rise, some of you are aware, others aren’t. It’s called pro-anas. They are girls dedicated to one thing, and one thing only. Losing weight. It’s like an extremist’s weight watchers group, tightly enclosed to that one idea of becoming thin. I know of one friend in particular, and this was as a surprise to me, with her coming from a very known family, and herself being anorexic. I was in shock, hoping this was a crude joke, but it wasn’t. She’d serve herself very, very small portions of food, and not even then, would she finish her meal.
About a year ago, I was asked to write about something that concerned me, when by chance, I saw a documentary on pro-anas. I didn’t know what they were, so I looked into it. The things these woman do, the things they discuss, it’s atrocious. I came across one of their famous blogs, and decided to investigate just a tad. I was perplexed by the time I came off, pondering what demon had possessed these young women’s minds. I was appalled, and disgusted and just ridiculous they were. By the end’s day, the night’s a mere shadow behind the drapes, I had read and somehow gotten into  a discussion with these girl’s. Their mind’s are enclosed, a notion so incomprehensible, I could only shake my head and pray for the girls.

I thought to myself, but the body is but a canvas that must be looked after, not turned into a tattered sheet. It saddens me deeply ti have to see them throw away themselves, just for the ‘norm’ of beauty. Our society has created this idea that we are beautiful as we are, but they imply something much more sinister. If someone truly cares for a nation, full of easily influenced and brainwashed children, why not stop, when instead they encourage it with an esoteric intention. I can not stop it, but I can beseech to the lost ones to reverting. But it’s never an easy task when they are of a closed mind.

Which is why I started thinking, ‘appearances can kill.’ No, not metaphorically speaking, but with literal truth. As these girls strive for a body that can make a few men fall over, in turn, they are slowly deteriorating, losing their health with dark vehemence.

Woman often say their body is a canvas, when the body in itself is art. The canvas has been drawn over. If they took time to notice what beauty there is in human anatomy, that the body was not made to destroy with their selfish desires, but meant to preserve. For, when I stare at how thin and delicate an eyelash is, or how captivating the tint of an eye is, how contrasting our forms are, I then realize we are unique, not in the form of personalities, but just as we are.
So, I plead anyone who feels the need to change, to first look at themselves, and realize that there’s nothing wrong with the way you are. Your body is a delicate thing, meant to be treated like the petals of a blooming orchid, thriving under the rising sun.


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