#9 Distorted Humanity.

So, there’s this challenge I’ve been considering for a while now.

As illnesses grow, mental disorders worsen, and the race for cures continues it’s relentless journey, I find myself increasingly worried. I’ve never been an emotional child, but as of recent, I find stray tears after I watch as so much a documentary of a dying child, or see someone out on the street, a homemade, worn duvet cradling their heads, the look of lost hope dimming their tattered features.

Why is it we do not care? Because we simply choose not too, for many think we do not gain anything out of this selfless deed. Most of us are too filled with apathy, our hearts turned to coal, to the point we look out into the world, and forget about the dying soul across the street, the hungry family who seeks but one act of kindness, or the canine dragging his legs across the pavement. We close our eyes, our minds to empathy. Even a mentally ill child is not worthy of our help, or an elderly who only needs for you to hold their door open, so, if not even then, should we expect anything better from us, then we are certainly dooming ourselves, and sometimes I wonder about standing atop the tallest building, and leaning forward, wondering, would people come near, with concern framing their expression, or because it’s just another event that captures their prying eyes? I sometimes go for the latter, mostly actually.

I’m not saying I am anything better, and I feel truly ashamed, because I feel like I should stand up beside those I chastise, for I am hypocrite. I see and hear about millions falling to their deaths, innocent blood spreading and tainting across battered and evil hands. Well, it hurts me deeply, because I felt we could have done something, as a country, as a nation. We have so much to offer, food, shelter, and a few acts of kindness to spare. I appeal myself as well, because without the ones that care, then we cannot expect anything from anyone else.

So, drawing back to what I said in my first sentence, I would love to blog about different diseases, problems, disorders, and anything anyone would love to ask of me. In this we all win, so, I ask that you try it out. I’ll try my best. 😉

I realize this post was headed nowhere, but I’ve just been sick and tired of all this fighting, all this corruption, all this sadness. I know it doesn’t affect me directly, but to the family who’s lost another member, a husband, a wife, a child, a mother or a beloved father, my sorrows and condolences to you all.


1 thought on “#9 Distorted Humanity.”

  1. Distorted Humanity. An excellent title, Sophia.

    One of the core tenets of Christianity is that humanity is ‘distorted’. We are not what we should be, what God intended. All, like sheep, have gone astray. This is the reality of the ‘Fall’ doctrine. We were created in God’s image and perfectly so, but we rebelled and distorted ourselves from what we ought to be. ‘Distorted’ is precisely the word.

    So what do we do about it? I can only see the workings of Christianity. First, one admits distortion – sin. Then one asks Jesus the Christ for forgiveness. Then one surrenders to God’s will and becomes obedient.

    This last part takes the time. We are by our distorted nature, rebellious. Humans don’t want to release our own feelings and desires and instead place God’s plan in our lives. Usually we know we should, but just don’t want to – at first. If we believe God, we continue to work at it, and allow God to work in us, because we cannot achieve any real change on our own.

    We never arrive at ‘perfection’ in this life, but we get better than we were. Slowly. Sort of like how a river carves a valley from rock.

    By the way, a ‘nation’ will never assist a hurting or starving child or a lonely elder person. When Jesus told us to take care of the weak and helpless, He spoke to individuals, not government agencies. A ‘nation’ can never do what an individual can do – give a hug, smile, donate a dinner, perhaps mow a lawn or vacuum a rug.

    You realize this essay on humanity blends into the next essay on dealing with the Sikh people, don’t you? It is about living as Jesus would have us live; treating others as Jesus would treat them. Christians should NOT be ‘fighting’ with those of other faiths, but we should be sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ with them. Not in a pushy, demanding, haughty manner; but with the love of God flowing through us and wanting to warn them of judgement and eternal destruction. Not because they are ‘evil’ in the worldly sense, but because they are not in harmony with God Almighty. Just like we need to be. And that God has done all the heavy lifting and there is no need to ‘earn’ God’s favor.

    Sophia, sometimes I feel like giving up on myself as well. I’m not all that patient or loving. But God reminds me He loves me – and He loves them as well. So I am to carry on. Then He gives me the strength to do so.

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