#10 The Religious Standpoint.

never stop praying.

Last night, I came across a peculiar photo. It depicted a woman whose features said otherwise. Sadly, as humans, we notice the faults of others, and seem to chastise, insult them, without saying a word. I dared not say anything, but internally, i’d already made a haste judgement on my part.

When I moved to the caption, I realized the great mistake I’ve made. Without even knowing the woman, I’d condemned her an outcast from society within seconds. She was a baptized Sikh, and frankly, I’d never heard of them, but when I did, I dismissed them as another eccentric religion. Fortunately, after much thought, I felt I should kneel and pray to God, that he make me much more like them.

I make myself believe what I believe is true, that I should be devout in what I stand for, but I don’t. Yet, these group of people do, they immerse themselves into what is told, and seem to maintain their regime with much more sacredness then ours. I call myself a good person, but that’s solely a lie, when others are actually doing something about it. I sit here, slipping into a poignant state, feeling terrible over our world, while they are out there, doing something greater.

After I read a a great amount, studiously seeking with a quick heart, that something would slip, that they are not what they seem. Nothing, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and they are a great people, for they captivated and motivated me.So, what about us Christians? Shouldn’t we be striving to reach our level with God, instead of seeking faults in others, condemning the meek and the atheistic? Shouldn’t we be concerned about what he thinks of us?

I have been ten years strong, and recently baptized, but when I thought I felt closest to God, I began to slip once again. So many tempting wonders arose, enclosed with a facade, beckoning I come closer, closer until I trip and fall. Being so young, so full of life, and seeing what others have to offer, it calls out to you as if it were the song of a siren.

Can one say they are Christian, and automatically they are pure? No. One must work through it all, wade across turbulent seas, and open your eyes to the truth. I also had come across that the Sikh’s do not condemn or argue with others about their different religions, yet, we do the contrary. I had to lay my head in my hands, and grit my teeth against the burning reality. It was few seconds before it struck me, they will succeed  while we trudge slowly in quicksand, and allow it to devour our souls. While the walk on, their eyes directed towards the skies.

All I wanted to really say, is that in the end, we all seek one thing. God.

It’s a fight we endure everyday, and we should fight together, not against each other. Whether the person be of another religion, another gender exchange, another mind enclosed around another belief. We should never break hearts as we hastily cast them out.


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