#44 bliss at first touch.


How do you hold his/her hand?

How do you cradle the nimble fingers as you pause to admire their microscopic print?

Does your hand search frantically for spaces that don’t exist?

Does your heart rage against your ribcage?

Do you glance at them and sigh inaudibly?

Do you feel the cold sweat drop from your fingertips?

Worry they might pull away?

Taking the risks involved, after all, you breathe deeply, and smile, after all,
They’re yours.

That’s your hand to hold.

To caress and kiss.

To lead in the darkness.

To guide in the light.

To give a premise.

So, with that in mind,

You cross your fingers and tease your fingers along theirs.

Brush your knuckles against theirs, until you’ve slid,






fingers have strung together.

You clasp them tightly,

but softly.


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