à propos de sophia.

Gosh, well, there isn’t too much too say in the least.

I go by the pseudonymous, Sophia.


I am a christian, bound by his love. If you’re an atheist, and hate me for it, sorry. I really don’t care.

I’m not a long-term type of gal, but I aspire to getting somewhere, anywhere.

I seek difference in the world, wanting to be instrument in the aid of this mission I embark.

I adore animals, just as much as any child. At the moment, I own a wonderful dozen.

I have this ridiculous obsession with all things lupine.

I’m an avid writer, wanting to show everyone what conjures up inside my dark mind.

I’ll blog about anything that decides to go off in my mind, including daily mishaps to things that truly do inspire and concern me.

Oh, and I was home-schooled, so, now I’m out there, breathing in the realities and hardships of life.

Life isn’t easy, but we all find our places sooner than later.


31 thoughts on “à propos de sophia.

  1. You have a lovely blog (and you’re a great writer! really easy reading – which is a good thing!) you don’t sound depressing either I think everyone admires people who can be content with themselves. Great blog! best wishes 🙂 xxx

  2. Sophia, greetings from an Old Man.

    There is a difference between ‘loneliness’ and ‘solitude’. I’m a solitude practitioner, myself. Which is not to say I eschew human contact – at least not all the time.

    I like your writing style. It flows and sounds like you are thinking out loud – which is probably what you are doing. It takes a bit to get it right. You’re doing fine.

    • Greetings,

      Indeed there is, and I see your point, I guess that may be my case. Thank you, for it’s exactly what I am doing. 🙂 It does, but I hopefully will get there.

    • That’s alright. 🙂 You’re agnostic, correct? I’ve read some of your posts, and I love the way you write and your love for your dog Pepi. Which, I am truly sorry for, I lost my precious pup not more than two months ago, and the wound is still fresh when I remember her. Just like any other, a difference is just one of my many aspiring missions.

      • Most people would probably consider me agnostic, which is okay…though I’m personally happier not to define it… So sorry for your pup – it’s terrible when they go young 😦 Look forward to getting to know you, Sophia (lovely name 🙂 ).

  3. *Waves*

    You’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, but never left me a comment. Most curious.

    Do you have a knotty tongue? Or did the cat ate…

    I like your writing much.

    PS: Have you read Sophie’s World?

    • *reciprocates the boy’s wave*

      I am what they say, a distant admirer. And shy even to strike up a conversation online. But a knotty tongue I may conceive! Thank you very much! As do I yours!

      No, but I am looking to inquire one!

  4. Thank you for coming to my blog and leading me to yours. This blog – the writing, the form, the choice of visuals…are all stunningly beautiful. I look forward to keeping up with your work! 🙂

  5. I absolutely love the bio above, just realized that I had never read it before- Keep up the great work over there and thanks for the support- The last week has been a rough one! Enjoy the rest of the week! 🙂

      • You are very welcome & thanks! Not only are you a talented babe, but you are smart enough to believe in God and you are kind- That is an unstoppable combination! Oh, and I am thinking about opening up the free collaborations again in the near future- Let me know if you would ever like an original piece for one of your posts! Take care! 🙂

      • Oh why thank you, you’re so very kind! That’s great! I hope you’re more successful! God bless you in your every endeavor! That would be great, i’ll let you know! 😀

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